Client: Quina Galeria
At: Freelance Work
Role: Concept, Design and Production
About: Me and nine other artists were invited to show a diferent view for Quina Art Gallery's name.
This was my contribution for the project. All the money of the sells was donated to an HIV prevention fund.

– I did screen printed posters with the design as well.
Limited edition hand signed and numbered. Stored flat
8 un. on RIVES TRADITION PALE CREAM paper 250g/m3 - 11.6 x 16.5”
6 un. on EVERGREEN SPANISH MOSS paper 216g/m3 - 11.6 x 16.5”
If you want one of these, hit me at
Sexual Frustration
Foreign Parts
Diagnosis? Bastard! + Desperat tour.
Be a Man
Diagnosis? Bastard! England Tour
Interactive Display Window
Curators of Sweden
Brand #2, 2014
Diagnosis? Bastard! record cover
Drick Mer Grönsaker
Illustrated Thought
Wage Inequality
Belo Horizonte
Berlin Poster
Mea Culpa
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